Porcelain Doll (A Poem)

Happy National Poetry Day everyone! Here’s something I wrote between 3 and 5 years ago. I made a few changes before I shared it, but other than that the originality is still in tact. Let me know what you think?

Porcelain Dolls

Stockings torn
Top undone
Smudged lipstick
Bleeding mascara
Fat lip
Bruised hip
The price to pay

Don’t know what happened
Except she was the life of the party
At one point she was topless
Taking body shots off some blonde
Maybe four years older
The white stuff in her hair
Can’t be cured with head and shoulders.

She needs Valium
So she can sleep off the hangover
Then get dressed in her Saturday best
To play beer pong
Take a hit of the bong
Pop more pills
And find a nice warm body to snuggle up with it.

She barely remembers the sex
Only it feels soooo good
The sweat.
Body’s slapping
To the beat of a primal drum too strong to slip a condom on.

She’s gotten pregnant twice
Caught the clap
That didn’t stop her.
Nothing a little pill or party can’t fix
Because it’s all casual
And by the time anyone’s noticed they’ve caught it
It’s been too long to remember or too late to catch the shadow.

How will it end?

Like always.

Torn stockings
Upturned skirt
Top unbuttoned
Busted lip
Sore hips
Bruised arms
The price to pay

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