Awesome List 7

Welcome to the 7th edition of the awesome list! If you’re unfamiliar with the awesome list, it’s where I tell you guys what I found to be awesome during that month. I know I’m missing a couple months and a few days late, but it happens. On to September’s awesomeness!

space dandy crew

Space Dandy: I know Space Dandy has been featured at least three times already, but it’s just that awesome. The series ended September 27th and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with it. It has become my favorite anime. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should.

Death Note: Speaking of anime, I rewatched Death Note and fell even more in love with it. For those you unfamiliar with the series, it’s about a high school student named Light who comes to find a notebook that belongs to a god of death. Light uses the notebook to create a new world in which he is God. If you haven’t watched it, you should definitely check it out. It will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

Gurren Lagann: The last anime I want to talk about is Gurren Lagann. It’s about a two boys, Kamina and Simon, who were living in a village below the surface. With the help of a mobile suit device called a gunman, they break to the surface and vow to reclaim it. It’s funny, action packed and filled with innuedo. Check it out if you haven’t already!

Lisbug’s Shake it Off Parody: I thought this was the cutest thing! It calls people on their bullshit and focuses on the positive at the same time.

Ghostly Echoes Spooky Tales From around the World: Wanna get spooked? Then you should check out this amazing anthology series. All proceeds go towards the Chapter Book Challenge! Want to get nerdy t-shirts. Teefury is the place to be! Every day or every couple of days two different style t-shirts battle it out for your votes and purchases! They only go on sale for a limited time so you have to beat the clock. The only thing I don’t like is the shipping fee, but they have great designs. Another great sight to get limited edition, nerdy t-shirts! There’s no shipping fee here and the quality of the shirts and designs are awesome. I have gotten a lot of t-shirts from here.

Cards Against Humanity online: The game every fucked up degenerate loves can now be played online with friends or strangers! It’s really fun and there are lots of different play options you can choose.

Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack: I saw the movie back in August and got the soundtrack for it in September. It’s amazing! Very old school and fun. If you haven’t listened to the soundtrack yet or have seen Guardians of the Galaxy then you should definitely check them out!

Rammstein: Rammstein is a German metal band that I’ve loved since middle school. Some of their songs are serious while some are silly. Either way all their songs are awesome.

Bayside: I heart a couple of their songs in high school and never really followed up. Then I saw them at Warped Tour and fell in love. They’re an awesome band with amazing songs. Sure they may be a little depressing, but they’re awesome nonetheless.



One thought on “Awesome List 7

  1. Deathnote: the first non-mass-cultural phenomenon anime I watched start to finish. Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack: Awesomeness. Tee Fury: where my wardrobe comes from.

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