How to Survive a Book Festival

Hello everyone! If you’ve been keeping up with the blog (when I have been posting), you know that over the weekend I was an exhibitor at the Collingswood Book Festival in New Jersey. If you came, I hope you had a great time! If you didn’t, shame on you!10676362_10152593735993283_1440712861369906217_n

This was the second event I’ve ever been an exhibitor at and I think it went fairly well. I haven’t quite found my niche, but I’m getting there. If you’re new to doing events too, you’ll get there too! Here are a few tips and tricks help you get through it.

Don’t overpack: There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious and optimistic, but if you don’t have a large following or expect a lot of people to come by your table don’t bring too much stuff. The less stuff you bring, the easier it will be to assemble and take down your display.

Don’t wait until the last minute:Waiting to get things at the last minute can cause chaos. Try to get your supplies ahead of time. The sooner you get your supplies, the less you’ll have to worry about the day before.

Pack as efficiently as possible: Try to pack things in as few bags and boxes as possible. Having a lot of stuff can be hard to load and unload.

Get a good night’s sleep: Getting a good night’s sleep is a must. You’re going to have to set up and dismantle your display and perhaps even travel a fair distance to the event. You don’t want to be fighting sleep all day while you’re trying to sell books. GET TO SLEEP! Don’t go to bed at midnight when you have to get up at 5 am. Don’t wake up at 4 am and stay up because you’re a nervous wreck. I may or may not be speaking from personal experience.

1688703_10152590155738283_5946910564576968027_nCreate an eye catching display: Attracting people to your table or booth is a must. The best way to do that is with an interesting display. In this instance, the skulls and the syringe pens did a great job of getting people to at least look at my books.

Network: TALK TO YOUR FELLOW EXHIBITORS AND WRITERS! You never know what kind of connections and friends you could make.

Bring money: SUPPORT YOUR FELLOW EXHIBITORS AND WRITERS! They’re trying to make a few dollars just like you. Support things you’re interested in. If you don’t have cash, at least take their cards so you could network or support them in the future.

Be personable:People aren’t going to approach your booth if you seem unfriendly or grouchy. Smile. Say hello. Be you! You are your best selling tool.

Have fun: Having fun is the most important thing to do at book festivals so don’t forget to do it!


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