Casual Racism

Inspired by a casually racist photo I saw yesterday and how NO ONE picked up on how sickening it was.

Casual Racism

Racism isn’t real!

It’s all in your head!

If you would stop throwing around your race cards

Racism would be dead!


That kid deserved to die.

He was a no good hood.

It doesn’t matter if he was unarmed.

He should have been good.


I touched your hair without asking

Because I just wanted to see how it feels.

Nah, girl.

You just wanted to check that it was real.


I put on rap music and R&B

Because I know that’s what you like.

I ask you teach me how to twerk

Because you have rhythm and c’mon.

That booty doe, right?


I’ll talk about reverse racism.

It totally exists.

People of color systematically oppress me all the time.

Why is it so hard for you people to admit to it?


Why isn’t there a white history month?

Why don’t I get special scholarships?

What’s the point of affirmative action?

Isn’t it kind of racist to have historically black colleges?


Why are you getting upset?

I wasn’t calling you a nigger!

I was just saying that they’re ignorant.

Why are you being so bitter?


I don’t understand why you’re upset.

I’m definitely not a racist!

I’m just complacent in my ignorance.

I’m more comfortable around more familiar faces.


It doesn’t matter what you say.

I will never change.

When you get upset about my casual racism

It will be you I blame.


Because racism is dead

And you keep talking about it.

It wouldn’t be an issue if you stopped bringing it up.


If only we could all be so blissfully ignorant.

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