The Laughing Princes (A Short Story)

Here’s another flash fiction piece I wrote for The Angry Hourglass!

The Laughing Princes

Long ago there was an ancient temple run by three princes. The first prince, Gustafo, was an arrogant womanizer. He prided himself on his looks and the looks of others. The second prince, Guerro, was a trickster. He loved to play practical jokes and tease people, even if it was at their expense. The third prince, Geo, was different from his brothers. He was kindhearted and noble, always looking out for his fellow man.

One day a strange woman came into the temple to see the princes. Gustafo took one look at the woman’s matted black hair, hunched figure, and tattered clothing and refused to speak to her. He referred her to Guerro. At first, Guerro seemed gracious. He led her outside to hold an audience with him. Unfortunately he led her to where the livestock was kept and told her that was the only place she belonged within the temple. A couple minutes later, Geo came for the woman, took her to the garden, and had a real audience with her.

To Geo’s surprise, the woman had many interesting things to say that could improve the temple. Despite her looks, she was charming, funny, and intelligent. Geo requested that she come back in the next to speak to his others brothers. She warned him that they wouldn’t listen, but agreed to come back.

Just as directed the woman returned to speak with the princes. Although Gustafo and Guerro swore they would listen, they made a mockery of her presentation. Gustafo flirted with the servants while Guerro made paper statues. The woman yelled at the princes.

“You are not noble men! You are worms. For your disrespect you will be cursed!”

The princes laughed as the woman waved her hands in the air and transformed into a beautiful maiden. Thinking it was a trick, Gustafo and Guerro kept laughing. With another wave of her hand, the two princes turned to stone and vanished. Geo shut down the temple and ordered a search for her but she was nowhere to be found. The laughing princes would remain stone for eternity.

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