Passive Aggressive Christmas Gifts

The holidays are a time of love, joy, and giving. Giving presents, that is. There’s nothing more wonderful than seeing the people you love light up with joy when they get the gifts you get them. However, occasionally you may forced into giving someone you don’t like or have issues with a present. Instead of confronting them like an adult this holiday season, get them something that subtly shows your disdain instead. Without further ado, here are some passive aggressive gifts to get you through the holidays! Enjoy!

Scented deodorants/shower gels/perfumes: Perfect for saying, “you stink!” figuratively and literally.

Self help books: Self help books are good way to tell that one coworker/friend/family member/neighbor that they need to get their shit together.

A cookbook: Know someone who can’t even boil water without setting the kitchen on fire? How about someone that considers heating something in the microwave “cooking”? A cookbook is the perfect remedy.

Makeup: Buying makeup for someone who likes to wear it is one thing, but if you buy it for someone who doesn’t really wear it, is completely another. It’s kind of like telling them they’re ugly, but the fixable kind.

A reference book set: Preferably one that includes a dictionary. According to their Facebook posts and emails, they wouldn’t pass a second grade English class.

A gift certificate for a makeover: The perfect way to say you’re ugly and need the help of a professional miracle worker.

A gym membership or weight loss DVDs: Just because you’re body is a temple, doesn’t mean you have to add on extra rooms.

A gift certificate: Gift certificates aren’t always passive aggressive, but they do indicate that the buyer didn’t want to spend a lot of time or thought with it.

Candles: Your house or room smells like a zoo and it’s surprising no wildlife has come to roost yet.

Delicious treats: Know someone on a diet? Get them sweets to help expand their waistline!

The loudest, most annoying toy you can find: This is exclusively for friends/family members with really horrible kids. Get them a really loud and annoying toy to drive their mom and dad nuts.

6 thoughts on “Passive Aggressive Christmas Gifts

  1. Seems to describe nearly every present I’ve ever had. Reminds me of the time I told my husband I was going on a diet . The very next day he brought me a bag of scrumptious doughnuts which had printed on the bag “consume within 24 hours”.

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