Obligatory New Years Post

I know we’re already six days into 2015, but meh. No one said keeping track of time was my strong suit.

So far 2015 has been pretty good. Nothing stellar happening, but nothing really terrible going on either. My birthday’s coming up in a few days and I’m pretty excited for that. It’s not a big birthday, but I still plan on spending some time with family and friends.It should be a good day.

As far as plans for the coming the year, the goal is to get Bully published. As I mentioned in previous posts, I want it to be out by summer. It’s a somewhat ambitious goal considering I haven’t even begun to edit it yet, but with the right beta readers and work ethic I can get it done.

I haven’t started working on polishing Bully yet because I’m still working on my third novel. I was hoping to have finished writing it by New Years Eve, but that didn’t happen. It was mostly my fault. I lost motivation and didn’t work on it for a couple weeks. I’ve been working on it pretty consistently so I should finish it up this month. At least I hope so. Right now I’ve hit a wall with progressing the plot. I’m about half way through and all the dominoes are lined up, but I’m just having trouble knocking them down. I know where I want things to go, but I’m stuck finding the best way to get there.

When some writers get to this point, they like to write the rest of the scenes and then go back in fill it the missing pieces. I don’t. I feel like that can cause chaos and headaches later on. Even if I’m thinking out scenes in my head, I won’t write them down out of order. It messes things up for me. So to avoid the potential headache I just don’t bother until I know what I’m doing. Right now I don’t have a fucking clue. Hopefully a little time and reflection will help me figure out how to tie what I have together with the brilliance in my head.

Well, that’s enough writer’s feels for one day. Thanks for allowing me to vent to you guys. Although I’m a bit behind schedule, I assure you Bully will be out this year. If I manage to get it together, the WIP will be ready by the end of the year too!


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